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Sri Surya Narayana Swamy Temple, Domlur - Bangalore.

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Sri Surya Narayana Swamy, Domlur - Bangalore
Surya Narayana Temple in Domlur is one amongst the very few Sun God Temples in India and it is located in Bangalore city. The Surya Narayana Temple is dedicated to Lord Surya Narayana (Sun God).

The Surya Narayana Temple in Domlur was built by Sri Patel D. R Krishna Reddy in the year 1995, and it was inaugurated by his Holiness Shree Shree Shree Shiva Kumar Swamiji of Sidda Ganga Mutt, Tumkur.

The Surya Narayana Temple in Domlur is superbly constructed by expert and crafty artisan in Chola style. The Surya Narayana temple attracts a large number of devotees every single day, also on fairs as well as festivals that is done on Magha masa Sudha Trithiya.

Sri Surya Narayana Swamy, Domlur - Bangalore
The idol of Surya Narayana was bought from Badrinath and it is 3.25 feet in height along with the Prabhavalli. Underneath the deity, you can see the idols of Kashyapa and Aditi.

You can even see Vaishnavi, Brahma, Nagaraja, Ugranarasimha, Saraswathi, Panchamukhi Ganesha, besides Surya and reclining Adi Sheshasayi, kindly showering their benevolence for mortals below.

There exists an udhbhava huttha at precincts, which was formed after the platform was constructed.

The management of Surya Narayana Temple is doing yeomen service benefiting the people in surrounding area.

Sri Surya Narayana Swamy, Domlur - Bangalore
It still has a large open space and there is no rush of either Gods or devotees. The temple is very neat and clean - sparking clean. Cleaning seems to be an daily routine here. There is ample parking, partly attributed to the Kalyana Mantapa (or Marriage Hall) associated with it. Among the various deities in the temple, most are related to the Sun. The temple is not crowded. It does not promise to be a one-stop shop for all deities in the near future. Just as the ISKCON temple in Yeswanthpur has paintings on the inner ceiling, this has paintings on the inner walls. The paintings have a strong Rajasthani flavour - the Painter was either from the North of India or all his models were.

Annual Fair: The annual fair of Surya Narayana swamy in Domlur is held on Rathasaptami day. The 32 feet chariot is brought out only on the Rathasapthami day when the people pull the chariot with an abandoned dedication of holiness as well as happiness of being near God.

How to Reach here:

The exact address is:
Sri Surya Narayana Swamy Temple,
No. 74/1, K.R. Colony, Domlur Layout (Old Airport Road),
Bangalore - 560071.
Phone : +91-80-25350386

You have multiple options to reach this place. You can get off at the Domlur Bus Stop and take an Auto - you pay the minimum fare or just walk down.
The following busses reach Domlur Bus stop:

•From Shivajinagar: 132, 134, (330 ABCD), 331
•From City Market: 332, 324, 329, 332, 335, 336, 338
•From Majestic: 62, 131, 131 E, 131 F, 333,

Sri Surya Narayana Swamy, Domlur - Bangalore
If you are on your own vehicle, when coming from Marathahalli side (or Manipal Hospital) on the OLD Airport Road, take a left towards the CPWD Quarters. Take a left at the Dead end and take the first right, left at the dead end and right again. You will find an open car park. If you are coming from the MG Road side, a right turn is NOT allowed at the CPWD quarters. So you will need to take the PREVIOUS right turn (the one that leads to the Domlur Venkeswara Swamy Temple) and then take the internal roads to reach this place.

Have the darshan of Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple, Domlur - Bangalore, through this video, To view : Click Here


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    shri narendra babu sharma guruji said Aksharabhyasam/ Vidyarambham of the children should be done in niluvamba shardha devi temple can you please give me the address it is said that this is more powerful than sringeri sharadha bec when devi following Shankara charya the sound stoped and the shankracharya turned back devi stood in this place and now its call niluvamba sharda devi

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