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Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)

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Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)
The navagraha temples in Tamilnadu is spread between Chidambaram and Tanjore You have to travel to each of these temples little inside and you will miss the mid-day as the temples will be closed. You can start going early morning to reach at 6.30 a.m. and break for couple of hours somewhere and proceed to other temples between 4 to 8.00pm. This way even if you go by your vehicle it will take a minimum of 2 to 3 days and in one day it is not at all possible. The details of temples are given below -

Suriyan (Sun) – Wheat – Suryanar Koil
Chandiran (Moon) - Paddy – Thingalur
Chevvai (Mars) - Tuvarai (Toor) - Vaithiswarnkoil
Bhudhan (Mercury) - Greengram (Moong) - Tiruvenkadu
Guru( Jupitor) - Chana (Kadalai) - Alankudi
Sukiran (Venus) - White Rajma or Avari kai - Kanjanur
Sani(Saturn) - Black Sesame (Til) - Tirunallar
Rahu – Black gram (Ulundu or Urad) - Thirunageswarm
Kethu – Horse gram (Kollu) - Keezhaperumpallam

Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)
Sooriyanar Temple is in East of Kumbakonam, Kumbakonam – Mayiladuthurai road. It is exactly 2Km to the north of Aduthurai and the temple is well connected from lower Anicut and Thiruppanandal. All the Passengers have to alight at Thirumangalagudi Kaliamman Koil bus stop and walk for two for long north east to reach the temple. This temple is in the banks of Cauvery in Thiruvidaimarudur Talulk which falls under Tanjore district known as Head Quarters of King Chola.

Two kilometers north of Aaduthurai lies Suryanayanar Koil. It is situated on the road between Kumbakonam and Kadhiramangalam and 15 km to the east of Kumbakonam. There are two other holy places near Suryanar Koil – Thirumangalakudi and Kanjanur. Of the nine grahas, the primary position is given to Lord Surya which is why the first day of the week is said to be Sunday. The seven days of the week refer to the seven grahas, including the Sani Bhagawan.

Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)


Inscriptions from the period of Kulottunga Chola I (1075-1120) refer to this temple as the Kulottunga Chola Martanda Alayam. Kulottunga Chola is said to have had a good relationship with the Gahadwal dynasty of Kanauj (1090 – 1194), whose rulers were Sun worshippers, and hence Suryanar Koyil, is considered to be an expression of their influence in South India.

The temple the tower of the temple is 15.5 meter in height and consists of three tiers. At the top of the tower are five domes. To the north of the rajagopuram lies the sacred bathing ghat, called Surya Pushkarni. It is important to bathe in this ghat before offering worship at the temple. If not, one should at least sprinkle its water on one’s head.

Special features of the temple All the grahams face Surya Bhagawan in this temple. As soon as one enters the temple, there is a sacrificial platform (Bali peetam). To its east lies a mandap where one can see an idol of a horse. The Lord’s vehicle is the horse (vaahanam) which goes by the name ‘Saptha, meaning seven in Sanskrit. The one-wheeled chariot is drawn by seven horses.

Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)
The Suryanarayana temple at Suryanar Kovil is one of the Navagraha temples and is dedicated to Suryan. This temple dedicated to Suryan has shrines for each of the other planets as well. The legend says that Kalava Munivar had the rare ability to see the future. One fine day, he realised that he was soon going to be affected by leprosy. Since the Navagrahas controlled all the aspects of ones life, he prayed to the Navagrahas and sought to be saved from the disease. Pleased by his devotion, the Navagrahas granted his wish. On coming to know of this, Brahma was furious because nobody had the right to change the destiny of a person. He cursed all the nine planets that they will have to undergo what Kalava munivar was destined to, and hence all the nine planets were affected by leprosy. The Navagrahas apologised and requested to know how they could overcome this curse. Brahma advised them to go the Thirumangalakudi and worship Prananatheswarar, at Vellerukkakadu, who alone could help them. After worshiping Prananatheswarar and his consort Mangalambigai, they installed an idol of Vinayakar a little away from there and started their penance. By God’s grace they attained papa vimochanam (salvation from their sin).

Kalava Munivar, for whom the Navagraha had undergone all the trouble, as a mark of gratitude, raised a temple at the same spot where the Navagrahas had performed their penance. The presiding deity in this west facing temple is Suryanarayana in a chariot like vimaanam, representing the sun’s chariot. Sivasuryanaraya is in a standing position with his two consorts, Usha & Prathyusha (Chaya). There are also shrines dedicated to Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi and Guru Bhagavan in the sanctum. Shrines for the other celestial bodies are located outside of the sanctum. Vellerukku (Madar Plant) is the sthala vriksham. Pillayar made out of the Vellerukku is sold in the shops here. It is a very prized possession and protects from the evil forces.

Thirumangalakudi: Once King Kulothunga’s Minister Alaivanar was building a temple from the tax collected without obtaining the King’s permission. The King had him beheaded when he came to know about this. As his death wish, the minister requested that he be cremated in Thirumangalakudi. His wife prayed to the Mangalambikai at Thirumangalakudi and brought back her husband to life. Women pray to the Goddess here for long life and the well being of their spouse.

Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)

Mode of Worship:

Sooriyanar Koil and Thirumanagalakudi are closely related. Navanayakars did their meditation and offered worship to pranavaradeshvarar and Mangalanayaki.

People who offer worship at Sooriyanar temple have to go to Thirumangalakudi to offer worship there. In early days both places were same and it was called ‘Argavamam’ before dividing. Both the temples have Erukan plant as ‘Thalavirukcha’

Thirumangalakudi Temple is a famous temple. Both Thirunavukkarasar and Thiruganasambandar had rendered songs of lord Siva. Mangalakudi, Mangala Vinayagar, Mangala Nayahar, MangalaNayaki and Mangala Theertham are five auspicious ones in Thirumangalakudi. There is a marked difference of worshipping in this temple from other temples, one has to follow the custom of worshipping.

Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)
To offer worship at Sooriyanar Temple, one has to reach the Rajagopuram (Main Entrance) and more towards North where Pushkarani of temple is located. One can take bath in the tank or sprinkle holy water in the head as purification.

Next after the bath one has to offer prayers at the RajaGopuram before entering the temple. After entering the temple, one has to turn towards Southeren side where Koltheertha Vinayagar is placed. One has to do the Sankalpam and Archana as Hindus find Vinayagar as turnover of all obstacles.

Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)
After worshipping Vinayagar, one has to Climb steps to reach ‘Narthana Mandapam’ at Northern Side and then more towards ‘Sabanayakar Mandapam’ where one can offer prayers to ‘Urchava Moorthi’.

After Sabanayakar Mandapam one can reach ‘Main Mandapam’ and offer prayers to SriKasivisvanathar and Smt. Visalakshi.

Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)
Next to Main Mandapam, there is Maha Mandapam where Sannathi to Sun-God, there is Guru Bhavan(lord Jupitee) stands there. People do the Archana for Guru and offer prayers to lord Sun. One has to move South wards to come out of Sanctum to reach the lord Saturn (Sani). Lord Kuja, lord Mars are placed separately then more northwards to offer prayers to lord Moon and Kethu. Next movement would be towards west where lord Sukra and Raghu are placed. Finally one has to offer prayers to Sandikeswarar.

Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)
After finishing prayers at Sandikeswarar, one has to come clockwise to reach the vinayakar to give final prayers, After all the prayers are over, one would reach the ThothaSampatnam (flag post) and prostrate before it. Then nine rounds of the temple is a must. After nine rounds again one has to prostrate and mediatate on the nine planets for some times.
The eighth graha is Raghu. Of the seven days in a week, 10 hours are reserved for Raghu, i.e., one-and-a-half hours per day. This one-and-a-half hour is what we call as ‘Raghu kalam’. The ninth graha is called Kethu. Like for Raghu, the same amount of time is reserved for Kethu also. These one-and-a-half hours is called ‘Yama kandam’. Raghu kalam and Yama kandam are believed to be inappropriate for performing auspicious deeds.

Sun occupies the first place among the nine planets, so His temple. Devotees throng the temple to submit their prayers to the planets to protect them from their adverse aspects in their lives. Those undergoing the seven and half years Saturn period, his position in the 8th and birth Rasi houses according to their hoscopes and those facing such aspects by other planets come to the temple seeking relief. They stay in the temple for 12 Sundays called Thala Vasam covering about two and half months from the morning of first Sunday. The period covers about 78 days. They bath in the sacred springs known as Nava theerthas, observe fasting and worship Lord Tirumangalakudi Prananatha and Mother Mangala Nayaki and other deities in the place. They do remedial pujas according to their problems for removal of the doshas-adverse aspects. Those undergoing Sun main and sub-periods worship on Sundays. They also succeed in their efforts.

Suriyanar Temple - Navagraha Temple Darshan (Lord Surya-Sun Stalam)
10 day Ratha Sapthami in Thain month (January-February) is a very important festival in the temple. This marks the ‘U’ turn of Lord Sun’s Rath-Car from South to North beginning the six months called Utharayanam from Thai to Aani month – June-July. Seasons are calculated by the movements of Sun God. On the first day of each Tamil month special pujas and abisheks are performed to Lord Suriya-Sun who heads the Zodiac family. This is called Maha Abhishek drawing huge number of devotees. Also Saturn (Sani) and Jupiter (Guru) transition days are celebrated with special pujas.

Temple Timings:

Suryanar Temple is opened from 6:00 AM to 12:30 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Temple Address:

Arulmigu Siva Suriyaperuman Temple,
Thirumangalakudi P.O
Thiruvidaimaruthur T.K.
Thanjavur D.T.
Ph : 0435-2472349

Lord Surya Moola Mantra:

"Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah"

Lord Surya Gayathri Mantra:

"om ashwadhwajaaya vidmahae padma hasthaaya dheemahi tanno surya: prachodayaath"

Have Darshan of Lord Surya through this video:


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