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Helpful Tips - For Delay In Wedding & Pavamana Homa (141)

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Helpful Tips - For Delay In Wedding (141)
This section Helpful Tips is all about Frequently Arising Questions. Sri Narendra Babu Sharma widely known as Brahmanda Guruji, share the knowledge on general topics and Hindu Sanathana Dharma in his Television Programme - Lakshmi Kataksha, telecasted in Kasthuri Kannada Channel, which i have put in this section. Guruji also share information of knowledge on Vasthu Shastra and lot of Helpful stuffs. Many People have lot of doubts on Hindu Sanathana Dharma, which is also covered in this section.
Please do ask a priest or elders, if you have any doubts in below, who knows very well about our customs and practices and clarify the same.

  • For Delay In Marriage & To Get Bride Of Good Qualities:

    A caller had asked Brahmanda Guruji, Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji regarding her brother who is not getting marriage and to get good bride for her family. Guruji said her brother is having Neecha (weak) Shani, hence asked him to follow the below procedure.

    Helpful Tips - For Delay In Wedding (141)
    One has to visit Lord Anjaneya Temple for period of 48 days.

    One can visit Lord Anjaneya Temple every Saturdays i.e. 48 Saturdays or you can start on any Saturday and visit continuously every day starting from Saturday for period of 48 days.

    If you are visiting continuously, then you have to offer garland of 108 Betel Leaves (Veeleyada Yele in Kannada ; Vethalai/Vetrilai in Tamil) to Lord Anjaneya on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

    On every Saturdays and Tuesdays you have to visit different Anjaneya Temple, on other days you can visit the same Anjaneya temple located nearby your surroundings.

    If you are following 48 Saturdays, then you have to offer garland of 108 Betel Leaves to Lord Anjaneya every Saturday you visit and see to that you visit different Anjaneya Temples every Saturdays.

    On the 48th day or 48th Saturday you have to visit Mulbagal Anjaneya Swamy Temple located at Mulbagal taluk in the Kolar district in the state of Karnataka, India and should offer Panchamrutha and Rudra Abhishekha to Lord Anjaneya.

    Helpful Tips - For Delay In Wedding (141)
    After Abhishekha and pooja procedures, make an Sankalpa (To make a sankalpa is to set an intention — it's like a New Year's resolution) that you will perform Pavamana Homa at your home along with your wife after marriage.

    Kshetra Palaka Sri Anjaneya Temple at Mulbagilu Bus stand, being tired after war Arjuna went on pilgrimage and bought his flag used during war consisting of Vayu Putra image and established in Mulabagal then called shathaka vatipuri.

    Temple Address & Contact Details:
    Sri Anjaneya Temple,

    Phone No: 08159 - 246059 ; 08159 - 243237.

  • Pavamana Homa:

    Pavamana refers to a cluster or clang of Gods who can negate your sins and bring in positivity and purity in your life. The clang refers to Lord Vishnu, Lord Hanuman, Lord Agni, Lord Soma and Lord Bharati. Whenever it becomes mandatory to negate the sins that you’ve acquired and also to invite prosperity and purity into your life – you must consider involving yourself in a Pavamana Homa. In most of the cases, this Homa is recommended by the astrologers as a remedy according to the person’s horoscope.

    Pavamana is very pavitra (Purityfide or Divine) mantra of rig veda. In the 9th mandala first 4 adhyayas contains 700 mantras called pavamana. This homa is done for Papa parihara (astonishment of sins). Lord Vishnu, Pavamana, (Anjaneya) Agni, Soma, and Bharati are worshiped in Mandala and kalasha. Pavamana pancha sookthas and vishnu related mantras chantrd during the homa.Ghee or sesame dipped in ghee also offered in the homa by chanting these 700 mantras. after the homa Milk, ghee, honey, water and kalasha, phala danas given.

    To a worldly man, entangled in the ocean of worldliness, several types of Punya (merit) and Papa (sin), whether known or unknown to him accrue for his various deeds. How so ever much Punya one accumulates, it is certain that one must experience the evil effects of one's sins. Hence the merciful sages have stipulated some rituals and repentance, in order to uplift humanity. Many of such rituals are difficult to commoner. Hence Pavamana Homa for the benefit of innumerable devotees.

    The famous and auspicious Pavamana Mantras in the ninth Mandala of Rigveda, are 610 in number. The Mantras are well known as Pavamana Pancha Suktas. The following is the summary of the effect of these Mantras.

    May the Pavamana Mantras relieve me of the sins such as the fierce sin due to my physical acts, disobedience to my parents, violence caused to them, theft, killing cow or woman; sin accrued during sales or purchases; sin caused by several births (being born as illegitimate child); sins due to one's own unrighteousness such as marital or extra marital connections; Eating food that is supposedly not to be eaten, receipt of things that are supposedly not to be received; eating impure food and food that is not sanctified; killing a pious person; drinking intoxicants; grabbing others' property; infanticide; wrongful occupation of others properties; womanizing; giving up traditional recital of stipulated texts and activities and rituals ordained to be done; and etc. May these Mantras purify my body by removing all these sins committed by me during last year with my senses of action (karmendriya), senses of perception (Jnanendriya) and my mind (Manas). May untimely death to me be prevented.

    Apart from this, Those who recite these mantras and those who listen to them shall have fine progress spiritually equally. Thus assert the mantras.

    Thus it is also obvious that these mantras benefit even the listener. That is why, Pavamana Homa is performed on every Poornima (full moon days) and on special occasion for the material and spiritual benefit of all the devotees.

    Hence we appeal to all the devotees to kindly be benefited by Pavamana Homa, the sacred ritual, listen to these pious Mantras and be blessed thereby.


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