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Helpful Tips - On Karthika Masam Significance Continued... (152)

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Helpful Tips - On Karthika Masam Significance Continued... (152)
This section Helpful Tips is all about Frequently Arising Questions. Sri Narendra Babu Sharma widely known as Brahmanda Guruji, share the knowledge on general topics and Hindu Sanathana Dharma in his Television Programme - Lakshmi Kataksha, telecasted in Kasthuri Kannada Channel, which i have put in this section. Guruji also share information of knowledge on Vasthu Shastra and lot of Helpful stuffs. Many People have lot of doubts on Hindu Sanathana Dharma, which is also covered in this section.
Please do ask a priest or elders, if you have any doubts in below, who knows very well about our customs and practices and clarify the same.

This is continuation of previous post : HELPFUL TIPS - ON KARTHIKA MASAM SIGNIFICANCE (151)

  • Karthika Puranam:

    The most important aspect of Karthika masam is hearing Karthika puranam. It is called as Karthika vratham. It normally includes the following rules:

    Waking up early in Brahmi muhartham (4.00A.M)
    Taking bath in rivers or ponds remembering Ganga
    Shiva Puja / Damodara (Vishnu) Puja
    Lighting Akasha deepam on sun-set
    Understanding Karthika Puranam.

  • Basic Dos and Don'ts in Karthika Masam::

    * Must take shower (including hair) daily.

    * Must light deepam every evening and do pooja.

    * Read one chapter in Karthika Puranam book everyday. It is even good to hear the story if someone is reading it loud.

    * Prepare prasadam on Mondays, karthika poornima, koti somavaram and remaining days you can even keep some fruit as prasadam.

    * One should not eat Onion, garlic and non-veg food for the whole month.

    * Should not use seasame oil for anything except for lighting diyas.

    * Should not eat urad dal.

    * Must take meal only once per day for the 30 days. We can eat breakfast at nights or at least, we must follow this on auspicious days like Mondays,karthika poornima, koti somavaram etc.

  • Worships done in Karthika Masam:

    Below table is the elaborate description of different worships done in Karthika masam. All of these are not compulsory but if done will give enormous spiritual wealth.

    Tithi Tithi Devta Phalam (Benefit)
    Karthika Suddha PadyamiLord ShivaTejas (Glory)
    Karthika Suddha VidiyaLord VishnuSanthi (Peace of mind)
    Karthika Suddha TadiyaShaktiAishwarya Prapthi (Wealth)
    Karthika Suddha ChavithiNaga Devathas/Lord SubramanyaAyush and Arogya Prapthi (Longevity and Health)
    Karthika Suddha PanchamiLord SubramanyaKarya Siddhi (Success in work)
    Karthika Suddha ShasthiLord SubramanyaSanthana Prapthi (Children)
    Karthika Suddha SapthamiLord Surya (Sun)Tejas and Arogya (Glory and Health)
    Karthika Suddha AshtamiGodess DurgaSankata Nivarana (Relief from Miseries)
    Karthika Suddha NavamiPithru DevathasKutumba Soukhyam (Happy family)
    Karthika Suddha DasamiLord GaneshRelief from Obstacles
    Karthika Suddha EkadashiLord ShivaKarya Siddhi (Success in work)
    Karthika Suddha DwadashiLord VishnuDhana Dhanya Vriddhi (Wealth and Good life)
    Karthika Suddha TrayodashiLord VishnuTejas (Glory)
    Karthika Suddha ChaturdashiLord Kala BhairavaAkala Mruthyu Haranam (Relief from sudden Deaths)
    Karthika Suddha PournamiLord Shiva/Lord KrishnaMoksha
    Karthika Bahula PdyamiLord Agni (Fire)Tejas (Glory)
    Karthika Bahula VidiyaAshwini Devathas (Doctors of Gods)Arogya (Health)
    Karthika Bahula TadiyaGauri (Parvathi)Soubhagya (Good for Husband and Children)
    Karthika Bahula ChavithiLord GaneshKutumba Saukhyam (Gives happy family life)
    Karthika Bahula PanchamiLord SubramanyaVijaya (Victory)
    Karthika Bahula ShasthiLord SubramanyaSanthana Vriddhi (Children)
    Karthika Bahula SapthamiLord SuryaAyush and Arogya (Longevity and Health)
    Karthika Bahula AshtamiAshta LakshmiSanthi (Peace)
    Karthika Bahula NavamiGodess DurgaKarya Siddhi (Success everywhere)
    Karthika Bahula DasamiAshta DikpalakasKeerthi (Fame)
    Karthika Bahula EkadashiKuberaDhana Prapthi (Money)
    Karthika Bahula DwadashiLord VishnuYoga Prapthi (Eternal unity)
    Karthika Bahula TrayodashiLord YamaVyadhi Nivarana (Relief from severe diseases)
    Karthika Bahula ChaturdashiMruthyunjayaArogya (Relief from diseases and Healthy body and mind)
    Karthika Bahula AmavasyaPithru DevathasMano dhairyam (Mental stability)

  • Mantras to be recited in Kartika Masam:

    Below table is the description Mantras to be recited in Kartika masam day wise.

    Day Devta (Lord) Mantra
    Day 01Sadaa Agni"Om Jatavedasee Swadaapate Swaha"
    Day 02Brahma"Om Greeshpataye Viriyanchiye swaha"
    Day 03Parvati Devi"Om Parvathai Parameswarai Swaha"
    Day 04Vigneswara Swamy"Om Gam Ganathipataye Namaha"
    Day 05Adishesu"Om Parabrahmanai namaha"
    Day 06Subramanyeswara Swamy"Om Sum Bram Subramaneswaraya"
    Day 07Surya Bhagavan"Om Bham Bhanave swaha"
    Day 08Durga Devi"Om Chamnudayi swaha"
    Day 09Pitru Devata"Om Amrutaya swaha"
    Day 10Lord Shiva"Om Shivayana maha"
    Day 11Shiva"Om namah Shivaya"
    Day 12Damodara"Om Kartika Damodaraya Swaha"
    Day 13Manmadhudu"Om Sri Virisaraya Namaha"
    Day 14Yama"Om Tila Priyaya sarvasamhara hetine swaha"
    Day 15Chandra"Om Somaya Somatanave swaha"
    Day 16Swaha Agni"Om Swahapataye jatavedase namaha"
    Day 17Aswini Devatas"Om Aswnowvaidhya te namaha"
    Day 18Gowri Devi"Om GaGaGaGa Gowrai swaha"
    Day 19Vinayaka"Om Gam Ganathipataye swaha"
    Day 20Kumara Swamy"Om Sam Saravanabhavaya Kumaraya swaha"
    Day 21Shiva"Om Namah Shivaya"
    Day 22Surya"Om Bhasharayane swaha"
    Day 23Ashta devata"Om Srimatreyana maha"
    Day 24Sri Durga"Sri Durgayai swaha"
    Day 25Dikpalakas"Om Eesavasya swaha"
    Day 26Kubera"Om Kuberaya sravanaya maharajaya swaha"
    Day 27Kartika Damodara"Om Bhoothulasi dhatri sameta Kartika Damodaraya swaha"
    Day 28Dharma"Om Dharmaya, karmanasaya swaha"
    Day 29Mrutyunjaya"Om Mrutunjayanamaha"
    Day 30Sarvadevata, Pitrudevata"Om Amrutaya swaha-Mama samasta pitru devatabhyo namaha"


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