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Helpful Tips - To Get Relief From Daily Problems In Life (145)

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This section Helpful Tips is all about Frequently Arising Questions. Sri Narendra Babu Sharma widely known as Brahmanda Guruji, share the knowledge on general topics and Hindu Sanathana Dharma in his Television Programme - Lakshmi Kataksha, telecasted in Kasthuri Kannada Channel, which i have put in this section. Guruji also share information of knowledge on Vasthu Shastra and lot of Helpful stuffs. Many People have lot of doubts on Hindu Sanathana Dharma, which is also covered in this section.
Please do ask a priest or elders, if you have any doubts in below, who knows very well about our customs and practices and clarify the same.

  • To Get Relief From Daily Problems In Life:

    To Get Relief From Daily Problems In Life
    A caller had asked Brahmanda Guruji, Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji to get improvement in financial status and to get rid of small issues faced in family everyday. Guruji asked her follow the below procedure.

    You have to visit Guru Bhagawan Lord Dakshinamurthy located in any Lord Shiva or Lord Subramanya Temple every Thursdays.

    Take one palm full of Chick Peas/Dark Brown Peas (Kadale Kaalu in Kannada ; Kondai Kadalai in Tamil) and count the number of Peas, it should be 108.

    To Get Relief From Daily Problems In Life
    Soak it in enough water for 8 hours or overnight i.e. on Wednesday Night.

    Next day early morning after completing your daily pooja activities, take this soaked Kondai Kadale and prepare a garland with the help of needle and thread.

    Visit any Lord Shiva or Lord Subramanya Temple and offer this garland to Guru Bhagwan Shri Dakshinamurthy found there on Thursday Mornings.

    Guruji didn't define any time period for above procedure, instead asked us to follow above procedure throughout life span.

    If you are married, visit the temple along with your wife/husband.

  • For Development In Financial Status:

    For Development In Financial Status
    A caller had asked Brahmanda Guruji, Shri Narendra Babu Sharmaji regarding her son-in-law, who is facing financial problem and failures in all jobs carried out by him. They too have 05 year old son who is also suffering from minor health issues. Hence, Guruji asked the couple to follow the below procedure.

    One has to perform Balarishta Dosha Parihara.

    Husband and Wife should visit Chikamma Chikdevi Hills located near Heggadadevana Kote (H.D. Kote) on Tuesday.

    Heggadadevana Kote is a taluk or taluk headquarters in Mysore district in the Indian state of Karnataka.

    You have to climb up the hill. While getting down, you should not climb down. You have to get down by any means of vehicle.

    While climbing the hill, you have to chant "Om Sri Kaala Bhairavaya Namaha".

    Offer your prayer such that, after getting improvement in your financial status you will get back and perform Chandi Homa at Chikamma Chikdevi Hills Temple.

    After visiting the above Temple, the Son-in-law should feed the Horse with Horse gram (Hurali in Kannada ; Kollu in Tamil) of quantity One or Half Kg every Fridays for period of 06 weeks or 06 months.


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