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Birth Of Great Sage Vishwamitra - Sri Ramanin Padhayil

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Birth Of Great Sage Vishwamitra - Sri Ramanin Padhayil
We all had darshan and holy dip at Sarayu and Ganga Sangamam. Now let us move towards next confluence (sangamam) of rivers Son and Ganga. When Sri Rama and Lakshmana were travelling with sage Vishwamitra, they were crossing the river Ganga on boat at the confluence of rivers Ganga and Sarayu. Before reaching Siddha Ashram i.e. in Balia, at the mid-stream Rama and Lakshmana heard an loud unusual sound. Sage Vishwamitra told them that the loud sound is due to the clashing waves of river Sarayu meeting river Ganga. But the Ganga Sarayu confluence is not located in balia currently, where Vishwamitra explained about it to Lord Rama. It has changed its course and is located in Revelganj presently where Gautama Rishi's Ashram is also located.

On the 11th night of their journey, Sage Vishwamitra along with Lord Rama and Lakshmana stayed at the banks of river Son. Now how do we reach that place?
One has to take the highway from Chapra to Patna. You will get a place known as Doriganj, next you will get Jatia Bajidpur where the confluence of rivers Son and Ganga is located.

While staying at this place, Sage Vishwamitra narrated three huge stories to Lord Rama and Lakshmana:
01. His own story
02. Birth of Ganga
03. Birth of Lord Kumara, son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi

Like kids enjoy listening to stories, Rama and Lakshmana also listened to these stories. Let us also listen to these stories from the banks of those river.

Now we have crossed the places Chapra and Revelganj. We shall go to Sonepur and have darshan of Ganga and Gandaki confluence. From there if we travel towards north, we get Sitamarhi. From there if we travel towards North-East we get Janakpur. Further if we travel towards west in Nepal, we will reach Mukthinath. West of this place is Kathmandu. We all are going to cross Bihar and go to Nepal (Mithilapuri) for Sita Kalyanam.

Verse from 31st Sargam of Bala Kandam:

te gatvaa duuram adhvaanam lambamaane divaakare
vaasam cakrur muni ganaah shonaa kuule samaahitaa

Meaning: Those assemblages of sages on going far on their path made a camp on the bank of River Sona when the sun is dangling towards west.

In 32nd Sargam of Bala Kandam, Sage Vishwamitra starts to narrate his own story i.e. Kusha's legend. Vishwamitra is the offspring of Kusha's dynasty.

Sage Vishwamitra comes under Lord Brahma's santhathi (succession). The family tree is as given below:





Vishwamitra (Kaushika)

Gaadhi had one son - Vishwamitra and one daughter Satyavati.


Satyavati (Her husband Ruchika)

Jamadagni (His wife Renuka)


Sage Vishwamitra was Kshatriya by birth but He was fond of Brahma Tejas and did tapas towards it to attain Brahma Rishi. Parashurama though born as a Brahmana, had the quality of Kshatriya tejas and anger. Why is this differences? There is a story behind it. Lets see it below.

The stories of Vishwamitra appear in the Puranas, including the Ramayana, but the stories come with variations. As per the Vishnu Purana Kaushika married a princess of the Purukutsa dynasty and had a son by name Gaadhi, who had a daughter named Satyavati who married a hermit Ruchika, the son of Sage Chyavana. He did not expect his daughter, who had been born and brought up in a palace to live like the wife of a hermit, in the forests. But then he could not downright refuse a sage. So he put forward a condition that he would give his daughters hand in marriage if the Rishi got him a thousand white horses with one black ear. The sage meditated on Varuna and attained it all and married Satyavati.

Satyavati felt guilty that she being the only child had married a hermit. Understanding the situation, Ruchika gave a potion of sacred offering (Charu) to both mother and daughter, with him desiring to have a son with Brahminic qualities. But Satyavati being suspicious of Ruchika to have given the better one to his wife, is said have switched the potions. When Satyavati was pregnant Ruchika felt something was wrong and by his powers he understood what Satyavati’s mother had done and told her the same. Satyavati wanted a sage like child and asked Ruchika if he could do something about it. He said if he even could do something, He could only skip the generation for now, so she would have a warrior as a grandchild, which sounded all right to Satyavati. This resulted in Satyavati's mother giving birth to Vishwamitra, the son of a Kshatriya Gaadhi with the qualities of a Brahmin; and Satyavati gave birth to Jamadagni, the father of Parashurama, a Brahmin with qualities of a Kshatriya.


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