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Sri Uddhavedheeswarar Temple, Thirutturutti (Kuttalam), Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples

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Sri Uthavedeeswarar Temple, Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam), Mayiladuthurai - 275 Shiva Temples

37. Sri Uddhavedheeswarar Temple, Thirutturutti (Kuttalam), Mayiladuthurai (Chola Nadu - South of Kaveri):

Names of God : Sri Uddhavedeeswarar, Sri Uthara Vedheeswarar, Sri Kalyanasundareswarar, Sri Kuthaleswarar
Name of Goddess : Sri Parimalasugandha Nayaki, Sri Arumvannavalamulaiyal
Holy water (Theertham) : Thamarai Theertham, Sundara Theertham, Padma Theertham, Cauvery Theertham
Sacred Tree (Sthala Vriksham) : Athimaram/Uthalavruksham
Thevaram : Thirunavukkarasar ; Thiru Gnana Sambandhar ; Sundarar
District : Nagapattinam.
Location : Mayiladuthurai.
Timings : 06:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 04:30 p.m. to 08:30 p.m

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This is the 37th sthalam on the southern side of river Cauvery. Moovar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. Tirutturutti is a Shivastalam closely associated with Sundaramoorthy Nayanar. It is also known as Choleeswaram. There are several shrines in the vicinity and in the temple complex - Viswanathaswamy Kovil, Agneeswarar Temple, Manmatheswarar Temple, Varunalingam, Kalyanasundarar etc. Tirutturutti is considered to be the 37th in the series of Tevara Stalams in the Chola kingdom located south of the river Kaveri.

Lord Shiva is a swayambumurthi in the temple. As a token of His wedding event in this place, Lord Shiva had left His Sandals (Padukas) and the Uddhala tree that accompanied Him from Mount Kailas to offer Him shadow on the way. The devotee can have the darshan of the Padukas in the temple.

Important Features:
  • This temple classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam.
  • This temple was earlier in a place where river was flowing both the sides, now the river is flowing on one side.
  • Sundarar got cured from a decease after eating sthalamara leaves here.
  • A pair of padhukas of Lord can be seen under Uthalavruksham tree.
  • Lord is facing West and separate temple for Goddess.
  • Marriage was performed here for Lord and the Lady, Models depicting the same can be found back side of Moolasthanam.
  • Umai, Varunan, Kali, Kasiban, Angirasan, Gowthaman, Vasistar, Markandeyar, Pulathiyar, Agathiyar have worshiped Lord in this temple.
  • Sthala viruksham is Ukthalamaram and there is no such tree available in the world. The tree has lot of medicinal properties.
  • Betrothal (Nitchayathartham) was performed for lord Shiva and Ambal in this sthalam.
This temple has a Raja Gopuram, two prakarams, with a separate temple for Ambal in the outer Prakaram. Terezhundur, Tiruvavaduturai, Tiruvelvikkudi, Tirutturutti, Tirumanancheri and Edirkolpaadi are the Shivastalams in close proximity, linked together by a common thread covering the legend of Shivas marriage with Parvati. Parvati is said to have expressed her desire to Shiva to have the experience of an earthly wedding; Shiva obliged and so she was reborn as the daughter of Bharata Muni. Shiva emerged from the lingam at Tirutturutti; Bharata Muni approached Shiva and asked for his hand in marriage to Parvati. The name Sonnavaararivaar stems from this legend that Shiva kept his word.

This west facing temple covers an area of about an acre. Inscriptions from as early as Raja Raja Cholan's period are seen here. This temple was rebuilt of stone by the Chola queen Sembian Mahadevi, who also provided endowments for its upkeep. This temple resembles that at Konerirajapuram. The niches around the ardhamandapam and the garbagriham contain images of Vinayakar, Natarajar, Dakshinamurthy, Agastyar, Lingodbhavar, Bhrama, Bhikshatanar, Ardhanareeswarar and Durga. Another Choleswarar temple nearby dates back to the days of Vikrama Chola, where Sundays in the month of Kartikai are festival days. The Omkareswarar temple in Kutralam dates back to the period of Kulottunga III.

Gallery Of Uddhavedheeswarar Temple:

Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Main Gopuram
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Name Board
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple View With Flagstaff (Kodimaram)

Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple View With Sthala Vriksham
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Gopuram View From Inside
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Moolasthana Gopuram

Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Moolasthana Gopuram - Another View
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Moolasthana Gopuram - Detailed View 01
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Moolasthana Gopuram - Detailed View 02

Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Moolasthana Gopuram - Dakshinamurthy With Veena
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Moolasthana Gopuram - Dakshinamurthy
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Moolasthana Gopuram - Ganapathi With Multiple Arms

Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Tank
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Outside Prakaram
Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Goddess Arumbanna Vanamulai Nayaki

Thiru Thuruthi (Kuttalam) Temple Main Deity Uthavedeeswarar

Please click on above images to enlarge.

History / Legend:

One Rudrasanma was proceeding to Kasi for salvation. Lord Shiva wanted to make him understand that this place itself was equal to Kasi. He called Gundodhara to stop his journey taking the form of a serpent. When Gundodhara intercepted his journey as a snake, Rudrasanma chanted the Garuda mantra. The snake fell down fainted. Lord Shiva came their as a snake charmer. Rudrasanma understood who the charmer was. He fell at Lord’s feet. Lord told the devotee that his wish could be realized from this place itself.

Only those chanting the name of Lord Uthavedeeswarar are learned. As Lord Shiva’s marriage took place here, any obstacle in wedding proposals would vanish if the devotee prays here. Agni the God of Fire had a grievance. Whatever he touched was destroyed. He prayed to Lord and became a useful energy to people.

Mother Parvathi fell in love with Lord and was determined to have His hand. To realize Her aim, She did not make parents her enemies. She persuaded Lord Shiva to meet Her parents and seek their consent. Lord, an abode of all noble traits, did so. They were happily married with the consent of parents. This is a lesson for modern lovers to follow without antagonizing parents of both sides.

Sage Bharatha desired to have Mother Parvathi his daughter and performed intense penance. Lord made Her born to the sage from a Fire Pit – Homa Gunda. She grew and attained the marriageable age.

As Her sole desire was to have Lord Shiva Her own Lord, she performed penance on the banks of Cauvery by making a Linga with sand. She also found a Shivalinga there and was happy that Lord Shiva responded Her prayer. Lord appeared from the Linga and took Parvathi by hand. Mother requested the Lord to take Her with the consent of Her parents. Lord too was happy at the suggestion.

After a while, Lord sent Nandhi to Parvathy’s parents according to the custom. They were very happy at the offer. The day too was fixed for the wedding. Lord came to this place on His Nandhi the bull vehicle accompanied by the Uddhala tree to give shadow on the way. Lord came to Kuthalam, had mother’s hand in marriage. Remembering the event, Lord Shiva left His sandals (padukas) and the tree.

Location: This sivasthalam temple is located at Kutthalam, 9 Kms from Mayiladuturai towards Kumbakonam. The temple is about 1 Km from Kutthaalam bus stop. Tiruvelvikkudi, Tiruedirkolpaadi and Tirumananjeri are other paadal petra sivasthalams in the vicinity of Kutthalam. By engaging an auto at Kuththalam, one can visit all the 4 temples viz., Tiruthuruthi, Tiruvelvikudi, Tiruedhirkolpadi and Tirumananjeri easily within half a day.

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Sri Uthavedeeswarar Temple,
Kuthalam (Tiruthuruthi),
Nagapattinam district,
Pin code: 609 803.
Phone: +91- 4364-235 225, 94878 83800.


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